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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3, 2023, acts as an ethereal beacon, illuminating our spiritual journey, and summoning us towards growth and maturation. As the Moon reaches its peak in Capricorn, the stoic mountain goat symbolizes an opportunity to delve into our deepest realms of spiritual strength. This Celestial event ushers us into a space where we are called to cultivate resilience, discipline, and purpose – foundational elements of our spiritual growth. Often the spiritual journey is likened to the ascent of a mountain, a metaphor that aligns seamlessly with the symbolism of the Capricorn Moon. As the Universe whispers encouragements, this is our moment to ascend our personal spiritual mountains, exerting discipline as we navigate the rocky terrain of life's complexities and challenges. The reward? Reaching our spiritual apex, where we encounter heightened Consciousness, profound wisdom, and soulful satisfaction...


Art by Emilia Nora Elina

The Full Moon in Capricorn serves as a Celestial luminary, illuminating the pathway to self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Capricorn, being an Earth sign, grounds us in the reality of our lives, urging us to root ourselves firmly in the physical world while aspiring towards the spiritual. Governed by Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, Capricorn's energy helps us build the spiritual

foundations necessary for our Soul's evolution.

Astrologically, a Full Moon represents a time of culmination, completion, and revelation. It is a time when the hidden becomes known, and the unconscious becomes conscious. In the context of spirituality, the Full Moon in Capricorn can bring to light our deepest fears, insecurities, and blocks that have been inhibiting our spiritual growth. These revelations, while initially uncomfortable, can be incredibly liberating. They allow us to acknowledge, confront, and finally release these energies, thus creating space for the growth of higher Consciousness.

Spiritually, the Capricorn Full Moon is an invitation to embrace discipline and structure in our spiritual practice. It asks us to commit ourselves to our spiritual journey, recognizing that consistent, dedicated effort is essential to deepening our understanding and experience of the divine. This could be reflected in maintaining a daily meditation or yoga practice, studying sacred texts, or following a set of spiritual precepts or ethical guidelines. Through this commitment, we cultivate the inner strength and resilience that enables us to navigate life's challenges with wisdom and grace.

The Capricorn Full Moon also encourages us to take responsibility for our spiritual journey. It asks us to understand that our spiritual growth is ultimately in our hands. No matter how much guidance we receive from teachers, gurus, or spiritual texts, the responsibility of integrating these teachings into our lives lies with us. This is where the Capricorn energy of discipline, dedication, and hard work becomes critical.

The spiritual journey is often likened to climbing a mountain, with the summit representing enlightenment or self-realization. The Capricorn Full Moon, symbolized by the mountain goat, reminds us that this journey is often steep and challenging, yet the view from the top is worth every step. This celestial event is a call to embark on our spiritual journey with determination, perseverance, and a strong sense of purpose, knowing that every challenge we overcome brings us one step closer to our spiritual summit.

The Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us that while our spiritual journey requires effort and commitment, we are not alone. Just as the mountain goat does not climb the mountain in isolation, we too are part of a larger spiritual ecosystem. We are interconnected with all life and are continuously guided and supported by the Universe. So, even in the face of hardships, remember that you are not alone.

This celestial occasion also encourages us to confront that which doesn't serve our highest good - a challenging yet liberating spiritual exercise. Taking responsibility and ownership, key Capricorn attributes, aren't about blame but about understanding the power we have to manifest our reality. In doing so, we become architects of our lives, aligning our actions, thoughts, and emotions with our spiritual goals.

And remember that while our spiritual journey requires effort and commitment, we are not alone. Just as the mountain goat does not climb the mountain in isolation, we too are part of a larger spiritual ecosystem. We are interconnected with all life and are continuously guided and supported by the Universe. So, even in the face of hardships, remember that you are not alone.


The enigmatic Capricorn Sea Goat is an inspirational guide during this Full Moon. It embodies the resilience of the spirit, encapsulating our own journey to transcend the physical realm's limitations. Like the Sea Goat, we must learn to thrive in paradoxical conditions. We must navigate the deep waters of our emotions while climbing the lofty heights of our aspirations. The Sea Goat's journey is emblematic of our own spiritual voyage - it's a call to embrace our inner strength, remain adaptable, and transcend perceived limitations.

The July 2023 Full Moon is not just about taking on immense tasks, but about everyday spiritual practice too. Consistent meditation, for instance, is a testament to Capricorn's discipline. It is about committing to the seemingly mundane but spiritually enriching practices that help us navigate the ebbs and flows of life with mindfulness and grace.

The alignment of the Sun and the star Sirius amplifies this Full Moon's energy, opening a Celestial gateway that can elevate our spiritual frequency. This Cosmic alignment urges us to awaken our inner light, honour our Divine essence, and understand our capacity to endure and overcome. It is a vivid reminder that we are not mere physical beings, but spirits having a human experience.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, offers a comforting presence during this Full Moon. The Jupiterian influence encourages us to see life's challenges as spiritual opportunities, reminding us to look for the silver linings amidst adversity. It's an invitation to adopt an optimistic perspective and appreciate life's trials as a catalyst for our spiritual growth.

In the spiritual sphere, the Sea Goat's journey is a powerful metaphor for our own. The struggle in reaching the peak or plumbing the depths may seem formidable, but it's through these experiences we find our true strength. It is in the journey that we learn, grow, and evolve.

This Capricorn Full Moon serves as a Divine invitation to step into our spiritual power, embody resilience, and face life's challenges with unwavering faith and courage.

As we navigate this journey, let us remember that the Universe is ever-supportive, always guiding you, supporting you, and cheering you on. The Capricorn Full Moon is a Divine affirmation of this Cosmic support system, shining its light on our path forward, and reminding us of the spiritual strength that resides within us all...


The Capricorn Full Moon is a time for reflection, discipline, and purposeful action. Here are some spiritual practices and rituals you might consider during this period:

1. Set Clear Goals: Capricorn energy is associated with ambition and goal-setting. Use this time to clearly define your intentions. Write them down and visualize yourself achieving them. Remember to align these goals with your highest self and your spiritual path.

2. Practice Discipline: The disciplined energy of Capricorn is perfect for creating or reinforcing a daily spiritual practice. This could be meditation, yoga, prayer, or any other activity that helps you connect with your higher self.

3. Grounding Rituals: As an Earth sign, Capricorn resonates with grounding activities. Spend time in nature, practice grounding meditation, or simply walk barefoot on the earth. This can help you connect with the stabilizing and nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

4. Take Responsibility: Reflect on areas in your life where you need to take more responsibility. This might be in personal relationships, work, or your spiritual journey. Acknowledge where changes need to be made, and make a plan to take action.

5. Honor Your Achievements: Capricorn energy also resonates with success and achievement. Take time to honour your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Recognize the effort you've put into your growth and give yourself credit where it's due.

6. Spiritual Cleansing: Full Moons are traditionally a time for cleansing. Use this time to cleanse your energy field, home, or workspace. You might burn sage, use sound (like bells or singing bowls), or utilize a cleansing crystal like selenite.

7. Crystal Charging: Put out your crystals in the moonlight to cleanse and recharge them. Capricorn resonates with stones like garnet, black tourmaline, or clear quartz that encourage grounding, protection, and clarity.

8. Release and Let Go: Full Moons are also a time for release. Write down any fears, worries, or things that no longer serve you. Then, safely burn the paper as a symbol of releasing these energies to the Universe.

9. Connect with Others: This could be a good time to reach out and connect with like-minded individuals or communities. Share your intentions, discuss your spiritual journey, and offer mutual support and encouragement.

10. Reflect and Journal: Spend some time reflecting on your spiritual journey. Journaling can be a powerful tool for capturing insights, progress, and areas for further growth. Reflect on the lessons you've learned and how you want to apply them moving forward.

Remember, these are merely suggestions. Feel free to adapt these activities to your personal beliefs and preferences. The key is to create a space and time to connect with the energies of the Full Moon in Capricorn, using its discipline, ambition, and grounded energy to further your spiritual growth.


Journaling during the Full Moon in Capricorn can offer profound insights and help you to harness the powerful energy of this lunar event. Here are some journaling prompts to inspire your reflective journey:

  1. Discipline and Structure: In what areas of my life do I need to implement more discipline and structure? How can I go about doing this?

  2. Long-Term Goals: What are my long-term goals? What steps can I take during this lunar cycle to move closer to these aspirations?

  3. Responsibility: Where do I need to take more responsibility in my life? How can this improve my relationship with myself and others?

  4. Challenges: What challenges am I currently facing, and how can I embrace the Capricorn energy to overcome them?

  5. Success: What are my recent successes, both big and small? How can I celebrate these achievements and use them to fuel my future endeavours?

  6. Release: What do I need to let go of in order to grow? How can I release these things in a healthy and healing way?

  7. Personal Strengths: In alignment with the resilient energy of Capricorn, what are my personal strengths? How can I utilize them more effectively on my spiritual journey?

  8. Grounding: What activities help me feel grounded and connected to Earth? How can I incorporate more of these activities into my daily routine?

  9. Spiritual Practices: How can I incorporate more discipline into my spiritual practices? What new practices might I want to introduce during this lunar cycle?

  10. Manifestation: Given Capricorn's association with manifestation, what do I want to manifest during this lunar cycle? What actions can I take to support this manifestation?

Feel free to tailor them to your personal experience and spiritual journey. Journaling during this Full Moon can be a powerful practice, offering you the opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and the energy of the Universe.


Affirmations are a powerful tool for shaping our mindset and attracting what we desire into our lives. They can be especially potent during the Full Moon in Capricorn, a time of discipline, hard work, and manifestation. Here are some affirmations you may want to use during this time:

  1. "I am grounded, resilient, and steadfast in the pursuit of my goals."

  2. "I take responsibility for my actions and my life, and in doing so, I empower myself."

  3. "I have the discipline and determination to make my dreams a reality."

  4. "I am capable of overcoming any obstacles that stand in my way."

  5. "I celebrate my accomplishments and learn from my failures."

  6. "I am committed to my spiritual growth and personal evolution."

  7. "With every breath, I connect more deeply with the grounding energy of the Earth."

  8. "I am open to the wisdom and guidance the Universe is offering me."

  9. "I release what no longer serves me, making space for new blessings."

  10. "I am worthy of success, happiness, and fulfilment in all areas of my life."

  11. "Each step I take is bringing me closer to my highest truth and purpose."

  12. "I am manifesting the life of my dreams with every thought, word, and action."

It's important to choose affirmations that resonate deeply with you. Feel the words as you say them, visualizing the reality they represent. This will enhance their power and effectiveness in shaping your reality.

Capricorn Full Moon Blessings to you ALL...

With Love & Light,


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