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NEW MOON IN CANCER JULY 2023: A Deep Dive into Emotional Landscapes /+ Journal Prompts

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The arrival of the New Moon in Cancer on July 17, 2023, is set to initiate a powerful emotional transformation, engaging our minds, bodies, and spirits in a profound journey of self-exploration. Guided by the soothing influence of Cancer, we are gently nudged to connect with our emotions, surrender to their flow, and acknowledge our deepest feelings. This lunar phase provides a tranquil sanctuary for reflection, promoting a slower pace, the nurturing of patience, and meaningful dialogue with our inner emotional world. Under the watchful eye of Cancer, we are encouraged to introspectively focus on those things that lie closest to our hearts and our homes. It's a pivotal time to evaluate your emotions, especially about aspects of your domestic life, your formative years, and the crucial matter of self-love. Underneath the tumult of feelings, there's a palpable desire for safety and stability. If any element of your existence feels precarious or unstable, this lunar phase provides the perfect backdrop for pondering solutions. For instance, if a household member consistently violates your boundaries, it may be a sign to reassess the living situation. This could mean creating distance from the individual or extracting yourself from the circumstance entirely...

NEW MOON IN CANCER JULY 2023: A Deep Dive into Emotional Landscapes /+ Journal Prompts

©Art by Emilia Nora Elina

Cancer, as the first water sign of the zodiac, embodies the potent, life-giving energy of water. It prompts us to appreciate our inherent capability to elicit powerful emotional responses that can profoundly alter our lives and impact those around us. Central to the teachings of Cancer is the concept of healing. It inspires us to embrace restorative practices, revitalize ourselves, and uncover the transformative power of our emotions.

To tap into these gifts that Cancer offers, we must be ready to feel deeply. This is the cornerstone of the blessings Cancer offers. Our emotional intelligence paves the way for personal growth and enables us to tune into our intuition, assist others, and evolve into the best version of ourselves. It forms the basis for all the manifestations we desire.

The upcoming new Moon in Cancer provides a platform for us to examine our emotions concerning our intentions and their influence on our ability to manifest those intentions. If we fail to believe in the possibility of our dreams, or perceive them as being already in progress, our manifestation efforts may be futile. This period is an invitation to fully invest emotionally in our aspirations, identify potential obstacles, and initiate the process of bringing them into reality.

Moreover, this New Moon is a period of introspection and receiving wisdom from ourselves, our intuitive senses, and the Universe. Our Higher Self is a reservoir of knowledge extending beyond the present moment, tapping into the limitless wisdom of the Universe, which encompasses everything that has transpired in the past and will occur in the future. During this New Moon, any lingering questions about your path forward are already answered within your intuition. Your role is to unearth those answers, listen attentively, and place your trust in them.

As you align yourself with this new Moon, resist any urge to take immediate action. Instead, view this phase as a time for receiving. Accept the wisdom that you already possess and let it guide your intentions.

Unravelling Other Astrological Factors Associated with the New Moon in Cancer July 2023

The upcoming new Moon is significantly aspected, suggesting that many celestial vibrations are at play. Should you experience internal or external disarray, reconnect with your breath and physical body to stabilize your energy.

During the New Moon in Cancer, we encounter opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto shines a light on our past sorrows and traumas, unveiling unhealed aspects of our souls that demand attention. It also points out areas where we might have relinquished or lost our power. As you immerse yourself in the frequencies of this New Moon, reflect on potential areas where you might have lost your power. Could a past event be responsible? Do you expend too much energy dwelling on past incidents or attempting to suppress them?

Our focus and attention act as channels for our energy. If we become entangled in past events, we are unknowingly depleting our energy, thereby fueling the circumstances or cycles that precipitated our trauma instead of utilizing that energy to manifest our intentions.

Pay heed to the direction of your thoughts when they meander, and observe the emotions that arise when you revisit old wounds. Are you still in a state of suffering? It's essential to distinguish between experiencing pain and suffering from it. While you might not be able to rewrite the past, you can certainly strip it of its power to confine you. Feel your potential to reclaim your power and ask yourself if you need healing to attain closure from the past.

This New Moon in Cancer also interacts with Neptune in Pisces, a planet that facilitates our access to our deepest, sometimes fear-laden dreams. Sometimes a dream seems more appealing when it remains a fantasy. As we attempt to give it form, it evolves, potentially deviating from our initial expectations. Some dreams serve as stepping stones, enabling us to understand our genuine desires.

As the Moon forms a trine with Neptune, it's beneficial to discern which dreams you wish to materialize and which ones merely open up space for new dreams to take root. Which visions are merely comforting fantasies that fill you with hope, and which ones are you ready to devote effort to manifest?

As the New Moon also forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus, remnants of old patterns start to disintegrate. Uranus disrupts stagnant energy, paving the way for new possibilities. The new Moon in Cancer is imbued with healing energy, a part of which includes breaking away from old beliefs, habits, and even comfort zones. Pain can sometimes become a familiar refuge, leaving us unsure of who we might be without it. Fear of the unknown may lead us to cling to our pain for longer than necessary, allowing it to influence our future.

This conjunction with Uranus can also help us recognize areas where we have established patterns that deplete our energy. Perhaps we're overly generous with our energy, or we seek external validation to affirm what we already know. On this new Moon, observe if your energy is being drained due to patterns that encourage external validation. Are you inadvertently surrendering your energy to others?

Does a shift in perspective need to occur to regain your power, or is it due to a lack of self-trust? Seek answers and alter how you interact energetically with others.

Lastly, during this New Moon, the lunar nodes transition signs for the subsequent eighteen months. The North Node relocates to Aries from Taurus, and the South Node shifts to Libra from Scorpio. The nodes are highly active on this day, significantly influencing the new Moon's energy. With the North Node in Aries, our focus shifts to the self, promoting our soul's purpose and mission. Conversely, the South Node in Libra encourages us to release partnerships that distract us from our purpose, bringing attention to how we exchange energy with others.

This nodal shift intensifies the theme of this New Moon, which is self-empowerment, healing, breaking free from restrictive patterns, and redefining relationships that excessively drain our energy. These relationships extend to include your relationship with your own pain. As the nodes transition signs, observe their impact on your energy and how they activate your inner guidance system. Your intuition is your soul's compass, guiding you along your path. The time has come to follow it.

Your Path Forward...

The New Moon in Cancer presents a tranquil interlude, encouraging you to enter a contemplative phase with a focus on your inner world. The energy of Cancer nudges you to reflect on the matters most intimate to your heart and home. This is a time when you may find yourself deeply assessing your sentiments about your domestic life, your early years, and even the question of self-love. Underneath your emotions, a quest for security and stability subtly manifests.

Should any aspect of your life feel threatened or unstable, now is the moment to contemplate potential solutions. For instance, if someone within your household persistently disregards your boundaries, it might be appropriate to consider rearranging the living situation - either by creating distance from this person or by removing yourself from the circumstance altogether.

Similarly, if there's a sense of unresolved tension between you and your family members, you might want to consider initiating therapeutic support or engaging them in a family counselling session. During this lunar phase, deeply personal and emotive matters will take centre stage.

In situations where you feel unappreciated or undervalued, it's important to advocate for yourself. You deserve a peaceful and respectful environment, especially in your own home. There's no reason for you to tolerate challenging interactions or those who fail to treat you with love and kindness.

Create a sanctuary for yourself, a haven where you feel rejuvenated every time you retreat there. Establish this area as your private sacred space, where intrusion by others is strictly prohibited. Trust your intuition to guide you during this time, and let it lead you towards fostering a nurturing, safe, and positive environment.

The previous three months were marked by a flurry of energy. You experienced new beginnings, shifts in perspectives, and uncovered forgotten aspects of yourself. Cancer season is a period of introspection and self-connection, a time to unwind and delve into our internal landscapes.

Our suppressed emotions often reside within our muscles and connective tissue, leading to a sense of emotional attachment. To encourage emotional fluidity, it's essential to release the body and the energy it stores. Yin Yoga, characterized by prolonged holds compared to traditional yoga practices, enables complete relaxation into the poses, facilitating the release of bodily tension. Maintaining focus on your breath can centre your mind as your body lets go of the tension. Using props during this Enjoy the process. Enjoy the ride.

Journal Prompts for the New Moon in Cancer July 2023:

  1. How have the last three months of energetic shifts affected you personally? What changes did you experience?

  2. How do you perceive your relationship with your emotions? Are you comfortable feeling them or do you tend to avoid them?

  3. Are there any unhealed parts of your soul that are brought to your attention during this New Moon? How might these affect your current life or future?

  4. Do you feel you have given away some of your power? If so, to whom or what? How can you reclaim it?

  5. What dreams have you been too fearful to pursue? How might they shape your life if you did follow them?

  6. How would you describe your current energy exchange with those around you? Are there any draining patterns you need to change?

  7. How does the shift of lunar nodes to Aries and Libra resonate with you? What changes in focus do you foresee for your personal journey?

  8. How do you feel about the concept of Yin Yoga or any other body-based practices as a tool for emotional release? Have you tried it before?

  9. Can you identify any past pains or energy drains that hinder your progress? How do you plan to address them?

  10. What steps can you take to better align with your soul's path and start living the life you know you're here to live?

  11. Can you acknowledge and affirm the joy in the process, even amid challenges or periods of uncertainty?

With New Moon Blessings,

NEW MOON IN CANCER JULY 2023: A Deep Dive into Emotional Landscapes /+ Journal Prompts



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