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Updated: Jun 21

As the Cosmic canvas is re-tinted with the New Moon's incandescent glow, the opportunity arises to transcend the past and embark on a rejuvenating journey of growth and discovery. Promising new beginnings and renewed purpose, this ethereal spectacle adorns the shimmering constellation of Gemini on 18 June 2023 (UTC/GMT), spreading a vibrant energy of intellectual stimulation, spirited joy and infectious curiosity. The New Moon's dance with Gemini invites us to unfurl the wings of our intellectual curiosity and immerse ourselves in the exploration of new interests or crafts. It stirs the spirit of sociability, igniting a flame of flirtation and setting the stage for the budding of new friendships or relationships. The air is electric with possibility, tantalisingly encouraging us to share in the pleasures of companionship and the exchange of ideas. At the same time, however, we are urged to exercise discernment and honesty by the capricious nature of the Gemini energy. This mutable energy, though charming and seductive, can be fleeting and elusive, forcing us to resort to telling people what they want to hear. But we must strive to balance this inherent charm with integrity and authenticity during this New Moon in Gemini in June 2023...


©Art by Emilia Nora Elina

While the Gemini New Moon may seemingly shroud emotional dimensions in its rational air, it provides a catalyst for those seeking to transcend emotional hurdles and navigate complex situations. It's an opportune time to leverage the intellectual strength of Gemini, offering a sanctuary for both festive gatherings and intellectual pursuits. This optimistic New Moon, even though it may gloss over potential challenges, is an emblem of a determined and positive attitude, illuminating the path towards growth and wisdom.

As we navigate the precipice of the Gemini New Moon, we notice a cosmic fog descend upon us. This Neptune veil, while it may distort our perception, serves as a spiritual lantern, guiding us towards introspection and self-trust. Amidst the uncertainties and illusionary landscapes, Neptune's presence urges us to attune to our intuitive compass and perceive the obscured truth. It's a mystical journey within, where the outer world dims to amplify the echo of our inner voice.

This divine voyage within also ushers us into the realm of spiritual love. Neptune’s ethereal whispers invite us to bask in the radiance of self-love, allowing its healing vibrations to seep into our souls, reminding us of our inherent worthiness of love. When we struggle to hear our intuition or trust ourselves, this self-love becomes our beacon of guidance, leading us towards enlightenment and wisdom.

The Gemini New Moon also weaves in the influence of Juno, the asteroid of partnership. The Goddess Juno reminds us of the importance of preserving our individual spark even amidst partnerships, whether romantic or otherwise. She assists those who feel lost, reminding them of their intrinsic value, and rekindling their light to shine bright.

The transformative power of Pluto and the karmic lessons from the retrograding Saturn intermingle with the New Moon's energy, aiding in necessary changes and revelations. The timing of Saturn's retrograde with the Gemini New Moon amplifies its energy, compelling us to revisit and learn from our karmic journey since March 2023.

While the June New Moon appears to navigate multiple celestial currents, its underlying rhythm is expansively soul-cleansing and enlightening. It unfurls pathways leading to profound realizations that stimulate soul growth and foster productive beginnings.

The Gemini, governed by the twins - one mortal, the other immortal - echoes the duality of our existence, the harmonious integration of our ego and soul. This duality, this intricate dance between the human and the divine, is what steers us through the labyrinth of our earthly sojourn. During the Gemini New Moon, let us reflect on this delicate balance, listening to the whispers of our ego as well as the profound melody of our soul. Let us cultivate a harmonious dialogue between our earthly logic and divine intuition, embracing the wisdom both bring to our life's symphony.

In this ethereal embrace of the Gemini New Moon, we find a new depth of understanding and connection, an inner alignment that resounds with our outer reality. The Cosmic energies intertwine, mirroring the profound dance of duality and unity, an eternal rhythm of birth, death, and rebirth. We recognize that our mortal selves are but a fragment of a larger Cosmic tapestry, interwoven with the threads of divine essence.

The Moon's radiant silver light pierces the darkness, illuminating the path before us, and painting our journey with strokes of hope, curiosity, and possibilities. It gently reminds us that every ending is but a new beginning, each goodbye a herald of a fresh hello. The cycles of the moon serve as a testament to the constant rhythm of change and transformation, a rhythm mirrored in our own lives.

So, as the Moon waxes and wanes, so do we. We grow, we recede, we learn, we unlearn, we love, we lose, and through it all, we endure. Each phase of our life mirrors a lunar cycle, a period of darkness followed by a resurgence of light.

Under the influence of the Gemini New Moon, let us attune ourselves to this celestial rhythm, harnessing its transformative energy to seek balance and harmony. Let us celebrate our mortal flaws and our divine essence alike, recognizing the beauty in both, and continue to evolve with each new lunar cycle, towards a more enlightened version of ourselves.

Ultimately, let us remember that we, too, are celestial bodies, full of stardust and Moonlight, bound by Cosmic rhythms, and capable of illuminating the darkest of nights with our inner radiance.

How to Harness the Energy of the NEW MOON IN GEMINI JUNE 2023 for Spiritual Growth

The New Moon in Gemini offers a myriad of opportunities for spiritual growth, blending the intellectual curiosity of Gemini with the transformative energy of the New Moon. Here are several ways you can harness this energy for your spiritual advancement:

  1. Embrace Curiosity and Intellectual Stimulation: Gemini energy is inquisitive and mentally agile. Use this time to dive into new studies or explore different philosophical and spiritual teachings. Engaging your intellect in this way can significantly contribute to your spiritual evolution.

  2. Practice Authentic Communication: Gemini's energy encourages sociability and communication. Practice speaking your truth and expressing your feelings honestly. Clear, sincere communication can help you connect more deeply with others and improve your spiritual relationships.

  3. Develop Adaptability: Gemini, a mutable sign, embodies adaptability. Cultivate this quality within yourself to navigate changes in life with grace and ease. Embrace the impermanence of life as a profound spiritual teaching.

  4. Tune into Your Intuition: With Neptune's influence during this New Moon, intuition can become a powerful guiding force. Work on trusting your inner voice and developing your intuitive skills through meditation, dream journaling, or intuitive readings.

  5. Cultivate Self-love: The energies of Neptune also emphasize spiritual love. Spend time on self-care rituals, affirmations of self-love, and activities that nourish your soul. Recognize your worth and give yourself the love and care you deserve.

  6. Nurture Relationships: With Juno's influence, focus on nurturing your relationships. Practice giving and receiving love freely and maintaining your individuality within your partnerships. Each relationship in your life offers lessons and opportunities for growth.

  7. Embrace Transformation: With Pluto infusing energy into this New Moon, don't shy away from necessary transformations in your life. Whether these transformations are in relationships or personal habits, embrace the change and let it guide your spiritual evolution.

  8. Reflect and Realign: As Saturn goes retrograde, reflect on the karmic lessons since March 2023. This period is an opportunity to revise and realign your actions with your soul's purpose.

  9. Balance Your Dual Nature: Gemini is represented by the twins - one mortal and the other immortal. Find a balance between your human needs and spiritual desires. This harmonious balance can lead to profound personal and spiritual growth.

  10. Manifestation Rituals: The New Moon is a powerful time for manifestation rituals. Set clear intentions and visualize your desired outcomes. The energy of the New Moon can aid in bringing these manifestations to reality.

By consciously aligning with these energies and using them to fuel your spiritual growth, you can make the most of the New Moon in Gemini. It's an exciting time of intellectual exploration, new beginnings, and profound transformations. Use this lunar cycle as a launchpad for your spiritual evolution.

Journal Prompts for the NEW MOON IN GEMINI JUNE 2023

  1. How can I best leverage the intellectual and playful energy of the Gemini New Moon to cultivate new interests or hobbies?

  2. Reflect on a time when you may have told people what they wanted to hear, rather than expressing your genuine feelings. How can you ensure sincerity and authenticity in future communications?

  3. What emotional blockages or complex situations am I currently grappling with? How might the rational energy of the Gemini New Moon assist me in overcoming them?

  4. Considering the mutable nature of Gemini, how can I develop a greater degree of flexibility and adaptability in my life?

  5. In what ways can I balance my high spirits and intellectual stimulation during this New Moon phase, without neglecting potential challenges or problems?

  6. How can I ensure that the decisions I make during the Gemini New Moon are guided by truth and not clouded by illusion or uncertainty?

  7. How can I deepen my trust in my intuition under the influence of the Gemini New Moon and Neptune's energy?

  8. Reflect on your relationship with self-love. How can I deepen my self-love during this Gemini New Moon?

  9. How can I better balance my independence with the partnerships in my life? In what ways can I ensure I maintain my unique spark within these relationships?

  10. What transformations or changes are required in my relationships? How can I leverage Pluto's energy during the New Moon to effect these changes?

  11. How have the karmic lessons since Saturn’s retrograde in March 2023 shaped my journey? What revisions do I need to make?

  12. Reflect on the dual nature of Gemini, represented by the mortal and the immortal twins. How can I harmonize the voices of my ego and soul to make balanced decisions?

  13. What new beginnings am I envisioning during this New Moon? How can I align these visions with both my logical mind and intuitive soul?

  14. How can I use the expansive and soul-cleansing energy of this New Moon to foster personal growth and initiate productive beginnings?

  15. Consider the dance of duality and unity in your life. How does the rhythm of birth, death, and rebirth manifest in your experiences?

Remember, these prompts are a guide. Feel free to adapt them to suit your personal experiences and emotions during this Gemini New Moon.

Best affirmations for the NEW MOON IN GEMINI JUNE 2023

  1. "I am open and ready to welcome new beginnings and vibrant energy into my life."

  2. "My curiosity is a gift that leads me to learn, grow, and explore uncharted realms of knowledge."

  3. "I effortlessly balance intellectual stimulation with playful joy, embracing the dynamic energy of Gemini."

  4. "I communicate with authenticity and sincerity, honouring the truth in my words and actions."

  5. "I am flexible and adaptable, embracing change as a necessary part of my journey."

  6. "I trust my intuition to guide me through uncertainty, embracing Neptune's wisdom as a beacon in the fog."

  7. "I am surrounded by love and I am love. I shower myself with self-love, trusting in its healing power."

  8. "I maintain my unique individuality and independence within my partnerships, honouring the balance of unity and separateness."

  9. "I welcome necessary transformations in my relationships, trusting in Pluto's transformative energy."

  10. "I am mindful of the karmic lessons Saturn brings, using them to grow and evolve."

  11. "I honour the duality within me, balancing the wisdom of my ego and my soul."

  12. "I am an active participant in my life, taking steps to manifest my dreams and desires."

  13. "I am expansive in my thoughts and actions, embracing soul-cleansing experiences that lead to personal growth."

  14. "I celebrate the cycle of life, embracing the rhythm of birth, death, and rebirth."

  15. "I am a radiant being, full of celestial energy, shining my inner light even through the darkest nights."

Please keep in mind, these affirmations are most effective when repeated often, preferably out loud, and truly believed in. Embrace the Gemini New Moon energy and use these affirmations to navigate this promising period.

New Moon in Gemini Blessings to YOU ALL!!!

With Love,


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